Terms Of Hire

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Springfield Equestrian Park will not be held liable for any personal harm resulting from riding or interacting with a horse which is a potentially dangerous recreation activity nor liable of any sickness, disease, injury or death to or of the horse.
Risks to a horse include (but not limited to) a kick, fence injury, drowning, poisoning, colic, falling, escaping, impact with a vehicle, falling tree or branch, lightning strike or act of God. The owner/rider agrees not to hold Springfield Equestrian Park, its officers, employees and agents responsible or liable for any loss, theft or injury to their horse/s or themselves. All costs of loss, theft or injury to horse/s or rider are borne by the owner/rider. It is the owner’s/ rider’s responsibility to insure his or her horse/s and horse equipment against all risks while they are on the property or being transported.

Every horse visiting Springfield Equestrian Park, for casual arena hire, private instruction or participating in a clinic must be free of disease, infection and infestation and manageable without any vicious or savage traits and the horse owner/rider warrants this is so.

Procedure for hire by an Equestrian Club or Individual Instructor or School
To hire the facilities, a Club must be affiliated with the EA, HRCAV, AQHA or PCAV or have evidence of public liability insurance. To instruct at Springfield Equestrian Park, a trainer/riding instructor must be qualified and hold current liability indemnity cover from an authorised Australian insurer insured for not less than $20 million and give Springfield Equestrian Park proof of currency.
Farriers are to work in the wash bays and must clean up after themselves.

Risk Warning and Waivers
Every adult rider must sign Springfield Equestrian Park’s, Risk Warning, Waiver Form and complete and sign a Confidential Riding Application & Medical History Form. A parent of a rider under the age of 18 must sign such forms in respect of the child’s participation in the clinic.

Normal Opening Hours for Clinics
Use of the facilities at Springfield Equestrian Park is permissible from 8.00am to 5.00pm. Extended hours can be arranged at an extra cost if availability allows.

Normal Opening Hours for Casual Arena Hire
8am – 9pm

Riding outside designated arenas must kept in walk with due consideration given to pedestrians and other horses. Only one horse should be led at a time.
Arena LED lights are operated by a user pays coin system at $2 per hour. Use only a $2 coin. There is a clearly positioned timer showing the time remaining. The clinic and car park lights need to be turned off manually when you are finished. All lights are to be turned off no later than 9pm if the use of the facilities is allowed beyond 5.00pm.
Lunging is not permitted in the indoor arena at any time.
Anyone exercising or sitting on a horse without having signed a Risk Warning, Wavier and Indemnity form and /or not wearing an Australian safety standards approved helmet will be asked to dismount and leave the property.

Indoor/Outdoor Arenas and Round yard / Mountain Trail Area – Rules of Conduct
The below rules apply to riding near to or in the indoor and outdoor arenas, round yard and mountain trail area. It is advisable for all horses to wear leg protectors when using Mountain Trail.
• Only ride a horse on the land that is designated by Springfield Equestrian Park for riding
• Horses are to be kept under control whilst being ridden or fed
• Australian Standards Approved helmet and suitable footwear at all times when riding a horse
• No horses to be ridden in the agistment paddocks
• Clean up manure after each period of activity, don’t ride manure into the riding surface
• Ensure gates are closed and secure when riding in the indoor and outdoor arenas
• Always ride left shoulder to left shoulder
• Call out ‘gate free?’ if others are riding in the arena and enter if told ‘yes’
• Ensure the slowest animal is ridden on the inside track of the arena where possible
• Do not walk or stop on the outside track
• Do not ride on the outdoor arena if it is flooded
• Keep gates shut, at all times.
• Clean up after yourself and your horse

Safety Equipment
Australian Standards Approved helmets and appropriate footwear must be worn at all times.

Horse manure must be picked up immediately and disposed of by using the trolley and manure bags located at indoor arena entrance. No manure bags are to be brought into the clinic area. All manure bags are to be filled outside. For the outside arena a trolley and bag is located between the mountain trail area and outdoor arena. For overnight clinics, bags of manure can be left at the gates of the horses’ paddock. Only half fill manure bags to ensure they are not too heavy to handle.

Tack Area / Holding Yards
These areas must be left clean and tidy. Any discarded feed/hay must be removed by owner/rider. Rubbish is to be taken away unless a prior arrangement has been made.

Smoking is only allowed in designated areas where ashtrays are placed at the front of the arena. Any rubbish/cigarette butts to be cleaned up also.

Parking & Floats
Visitors must leave their cars in the visitor parking area. A speed limit of 10 kph or walking speed must be observed. No speeding.
Floats are to be parked in the designated area only and are on site at the owner’s own risk.
Springfield Equestrian Park accepts no responsibility for any damage to or theft of vehicles, floats, or trucks parked on the property whist attending clinic days, club days/rallies, lessons or camping overnight.
Vehicles are not permitted to drive or park on the open side of the indoor arena.

Wash Bays
A hot horse wash is located at the western side of the carpark.
Manure and any rubbish must not be left.

First Aid
A First Aid box for humans and horses is located at the tearoom in the indoor arena. Inform Springfield Equestrian Park if you have used any items from this box so they may be immediately replaced. Emergency phone numbers/policy and procedure forms are located at the southern end of the arena in the clinic yard area on the board. Please note there are surveillance cameras on site.

Tea Room and Amenities
The tea room is located in the indoor arena, portaloos are located on southern side of the indoor arena and a shower and toilet is located up near the shed (which is only for campers). All areas must be left clean and tidy. The tearoom must be vacuumed (under bench) and viewing area swept after use. The use of fridge, microwave, pie warmer, electric frypan, (BBQ and or gas heater by arrangement), urn and kettle can be used on clinic days. Microwave must be cleaned after use. Toilet paper is provided. Tea, coffee and sugar (but not milk) is provided. No smoking in either area.

Children must be under direct supervision of a parent or guardian, responsible for their care and safety. Children are to be with parents AT ALL TIMES. Non-observance of these requirements will result in a direction to leave the property.

No dogs are permitted on the property.

Fire Plan
A detailed Fire Plan is available on the board at the southern end of the arena near the clinic yards. Attendees should make themselves familiar with it.

The indoor and outdoor arenas are routinely groomed. Springfield Equestrian Park will maintain all facilities in good working order, however if you see something that requires attention, please advise us.

Incident Reports and Complaints
A report must be filled out after any incident, however minor, as soon as possible after it happens. This must be filled out by the trainer/riding instructor or anyone in charge who witnessed the incident. If the affected rider is capable, he or she should confirm the details. The report must be given to Springfield Equestrian Park. Report forms are located in the Tea Room.

Food Preparation
Anyone handling food for others must have a current food handlers certificate.

Not permitted unless advance permission granted.

The House
The house on the property is a private residence. Do not enter the house or house boundary uninvited.

EFT or cash please. Sorry we don’t accept cheques.

NAB Bank (Please put your name next to payment)
Account Name – Springfield Equestrian Park Pty Ltd
BSB- 083-253
Account Number 78 727 9075